Useful Software for College Students

It is without a doubt that student life is one of the best times in a person's life despite the storms and stresses going on. The pluses of college life include the loads of great activities you can do while being in the company of your best friends and all kinds of interesting people. There is little control from your parents. However, that also means that it is up to you to ensure that you don't miss out on your student tasks. You also need to ensure that your grades remain good. In this context, we should mention that drassignment is your perfect academic writer friend.
Our era is the age of technology, especially that of the Internet and software. Keeping that in mind, it only makes sense to use software to ease some of the study load by making things simpler. The most useful software that you can get at a fraction of the original cost if not for free are as follows:

• OneNote

With OneNote, you can reliably store all the collection of notes and articles that you have accumulated in the course of your study. Though you may not like it, taking notes is an integral part of student life. OneNote is especially suitable for the purpose. More so, if you have a PC or Tablet that lets you scribble, mark and highlight with a pen or stylus. It can also serve as the central hub of all your work and files. Thanks to the clipper and sharing features, you can mark articles to attend them later and share notebooks with other students. The exceptional functionality of OneNote app meant for Android, and iOS versions indicate that you can enjoy its features across devices. The best thing about OneNote is that it is free and won't grab much of your time to install it. If you are particularly short of time and have no idea how to cope with the college papers, go through this papersowl review and hire the service if you need it!

• Microsoft Office 365 for Education

Talking about Microsoft Software, MS Office obviously comes to mind. There's that extra special thing about the office software that makes it vital for college students. Yes, you can get the software for free if you are a student or teacher. Besides the usual options of the software that come with it, you also get a whopping 1TB of Onedrive cloud storage. Keep that school email id handy, as you will need a email to sign up for the software for free. I found this superbpaper review while searching for academic writers that might help you to create essays and other papers. You can store such articles too in MS Office apps like Onedrive and OneNote.

• Zotero

Every student is well acquainted with how challenging it is to collect materials, manage and create a library of all study documents. Not to mention the real pain of creating citations from the same. Zotero is one of the best free tools available for the purpose. It has been around for quite a while and first appeared as a Firefox add-on. Thanks to the Word and LibreOffice plug-in provided, it becomes straightforward for you to ensure proper citations and the creation of bibliographies for your articles, irrespective of the citation style. It also makes it easy to collect online research articles, attach PDFs, and keep things synced across devices.