With sufficient imagination a man could write a whole series of versions of his life; it would form a union of sets in which the facts would be the only elements in common. People, even intelligent people, who are young, and therefore inexperienced and naïve, see only cynicism in such a possibility. They are mistaken, because the problem is not moral but cognitive. The number of metaphysical beliefs is no greater or less than the number of different beliefs a man may entertain on the subject of himself – sequentially, at various periods of his life, and occasionally even at the same time.

Therefore, I cannot claim to offer anything other than the notions of myself that I have formed over the space of roughly forty years, and their only singularity, it seems to me, is that they are not flattering

From His Master’s Voice , Stanisław Lem

So there! There is nothing worth knowing about me. But I can give you a few inconsequential details, see if you find them useful :-). I babysit Database servers of several kinds for a living. I am passionate about all things related to technology. I have been a wannabe programmer for a long time and I have recently started doing some interesting stuff on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. You may find stuff related to Databases, Azure/AWS, general DevOps, a bit of Python/Powershell and other random geek stuff on this blog.

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